Water Blasting

Water Blasting


Our water blasting services include driveways, paths, building exteriors, decks, patios and fences. We can waterblast any concrete, tiled, wooden or paved areas around your property. No matter how your outdoor space is configured we can work to get it looking clean and tidy.
Water blasting removes stains and dirt from outdoor areas leaving them looking great as well as reducing the safety risks which can arise from slippery paths or driveways. We can waterblast wooden surfaces such as decks to prevent rotting and extend the lifespan of older weathered surfaces making them look like new again. Our water blasting services can prepare your outdoor space for the warmer months and create an environment your family and your friends will be excited to spend time in.


We offer water blasting services for small commercial business sites. The exterior of your building is typically the first thing your customers see and is vital to making a good first impression on potential Customer. Our waterblasting services will get your space looking clean, inviting and professional. We can work on building exteriors, parking lots, forecourts, entrances and walkways. Enhance the marketability of your business and maximise the value of your commercial property through regular maintenance by calling us today to see how we can help you.

Renovations / New Builds

Our high pressure water blasting can help prepare your house or business for renovations or building work by cleaning old, flakey paint off of surfaces to make them ready for a new coat of paint. We can blow away building dust once the final build is done and do a final clean of the exterior at competitive per square meter rates.

Fleet Washing

We also offer fleet washing programs which will keep your cars, trucks and trailers looking spotless. As your vehicles are often the first line of advertising for your business it’s important they stay clean and looking their best so you can enhance your image and attract more customers.